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Carpet repairs in the Redcar, Cleveland area

Carpet Repairs Redcar & Surrounding Areas: Save £100's - Repair - don't Replace.

Burns - rips - tears - pet damage - bleach spots - permanent stains can all affect the look of your home and cost you both time and money.
We're specialist carpet repairers with years or experience and will save you time and money in replacement costs, not to mention: choosing a new carpet - arranging delivery - clearing the room - booking a reliable fitter - taking time off work while the job is completed.  
Free quotations and assessments. If We Can't Fix It - We Don't Charge.
T: 01642 983088 or 07761 471544

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Iron Burns

Rushing to get ready for a night out, or the phone rings -  it happens. 

Cigarette Burns

A common occurrence. Missing the ashtray, or knocking it off the table.

Moth Damage

Insects can cause all sorts of textile and carpet issues.

Pulled Rows

Vacuums can catch a thread, especially on loop pile carpet.

Pet Damage & Urine Stains

Pets can scratch at doorways, causing damage. Urine is another issue.

Permanent Stains

Paint, bleach etc . . . Wool carpets are more prone to permanent damage.

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