Licensed Insect Pest Control

We're licensed pest controllers and fully trained to carry out the eradication of crawling and flying infestations using controlled pesticides.
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Before booking - please read the information below, as you MUST follow health and safety advice.

A free home visit and assessment of the infected areas will be carried out to determine the best course of action prior to booking.

Ants, Fleas, Bed Bugs, Crawling and Flying pests -

It may be ants in your kitchen, fleas in your living room or bed bugs in your bedroom. Insect pests are a nightmare to live with and can be a consistent problem to fully resolve. The longer they are left untreated, the greater the issue becomes. They will not go away on their own.

Professional extermination provides a faster, more effective result than do-it-yourself methods. It can also save you money in the future by identifying pest problems early and eliminating them fast, preventing a costly infestation and/or damage to your property.

Before arranging, please read the following information - you MUST follow specific guidelines during treatments - 

What will be required from you -

  • Arrange to be out of the house if possible during application.
  • Arrange for your pets to be out of the house away from any contact with the spray treatments and pesticides.
  • Tropical and fresh water fish must be either removed from the areas to be treated or comprehensively covered to prevent contamination. 
  • In the case of fleas, you must have your animals treated by a vet for the treatment to work on the textiles or they could be re-contaminated.
  • Move furniture off carpet - or to the middle of the room, as we may need to lift the carpet around the room edges.
  • Allow for carpets to be taken back from the edge for spraying. 
  • If severely contaminated allow for disposal of affected carpets, underlay, rugs and pet bedding. 
  • Do not re-enter rooms unless advised to do so by the pest controller or when the area is completely dry and you feel comfortable to re-enter.
  • This will be a minimum of one to two hours, but is subject to environmental conditions.
  • On re entering rooms, it is advisable to open windows to allow a flow of fresh air to circulate prior to remaining in the room(s).
  • Move any precious ornaments as this avoids any potential damage.

Some treatments require a second visit and a further coverage of pesticides. We will discuss this with you prior to booking.

A comprehensive written guide will be left with you for reference after treatment. If you are unsure about anything, please call us.

Why is it important to rid your premises of pests -

  • Damage to health can be caused when pests spread disease, cause allergies or simply cause stress by their presence in our environment.
  • Damage to property such as fabric or wood surfaces or just contamination of surfaces, clothing and food stuffs.
  • Damage to business profits can occur e.g. when flying insects are present in a food serving business such as a shop or restaurant.
  • Our artificially manufactured home environments are also attractive to pests as are our food stuffs.
  • We undertake pest control to avoid pest damage.
  • If the damage is a threat to human health, society often demands a zero tolerance of the pest.
  • If the damage is purely economic we might be able to sustain it at a low level.
  • It is only when pest species invade or threaten to invade our environment that pest control is necessary.

Some landlords require proof of a de-infestation treatment prior to you moving out of the property - usually if you have pets.
Under these circumstances, we will provide a certificate of confirmation that the required treatments have been carried out.

We offer a discreet and thorough pest irradiation service.  Starting with a free assessment of the infected areas - right through to effective treatment and a final solution to rid your premises of unwanted guests.
We have not included any images of bugs, fleas, Silverfish, moths etc as they will just make you itch!!

A comprehensive written guide will be left with you for reference after treatment. If you are unsure about anything, please call us.

Mattress Cleaning Information:

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Professional Carpet Cleaning:

A standard cleaning of your carpets using up to date products and heat
Together they may be enough to rid your home of unwanted pests.
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